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TSVG Pedals

I had the pleasure of meeting the guys from TSVG Pedals at Summer NAMM this year and apart from being suer cool guys, they make fantastic pedals. I wanted to rep their brand just based on how cool they were as people but as it turns out this is a business and the product has to be on par in order to sell it. They sent over a couple pedals to try and I was more than impressed. I tried The Angry Jeff and The Dying Batt first and I could not stop playing them. I keep thinking that nothing new can really come out can it? Everyone has done everything by now haven't they? Sometimes the best innovation comes with the smallest tweaks. TSVG is just different enough to stand out in a big way, making you realize you need these pedals on your board. TSVG pedals are so warm and friendly but they will rip your face off at the same time. The wolf in sheep's clothing. TSVG will invite you in for dinner but you don't realize they are having YOU for dinner.

We are happy to announce we now rep TSVG!

If you don't know about TSVG Pedals you need to figure that out immeadiately and get them on your board. 


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