Monday, 14 September 2015
Hungry Robot Pedals

Elevation Boutiques is no stranger to offering some very unique pedals and effects to dealers and players. We always like to see manufacturers go from starting to build pedals as a hobby to doing so well that it becomes their full time job! This is exactly what has happened to the owners of Hungry Robot Pedals. Every effect built is an original circuit built by hand and each box is hand painted making every pedal unique. Hungry Robot's passion for quality doesn't stop on the work bench either. 


You will never find an HRP pedal in a big box retailer or even offered in an online store unless it's on their own website. You will find them in an actual brick and mortar guitar shop, on an actual shelf sold by real people who offer the pedals because they believe in it. This is not to say that if a manufacturer does sell to big box stores they lack quality or uniqueness! It is however pretty cool to see a company like Hungry Robot Pedals draw a hard line in the sand as if to say, this is how we can control our quality and unique brand.

When HRPs owner, Eric sent us the demo pedals to try out we were pretty blown away. The Stargazer was an Elevation favorite and has found a permanent spot on my board. The reverb it produces is so big and heavenly sounding but does not become a wash.

Equally impressive for different reasons is the Starlite reverb, the world's first modulated reverb with tap tempo! When I first read about this I was skeptical at the idea of a tap reverb and modulation but as soon as I started playing it made complete sense and my facial expression turned into one that happens when I consume a delicious bacon sand-which. It's a truly exciting pedal!  

I highly recommend becoming a dealer for Hungry Robot Pedals. You may not be allowed to sell them online but you will find these pedals becoming like a secret weapon for your walk-in shop customers. 

To become a dealer click here

Posted on 09/14/2015 2:29 PM by Elevation Boutiques
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