Date: 18/05/2024
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Dr. Z Amps | Elevation Boutiques

Dr. Z Amps have become some of the most well known and sought after boutique amps in the world and we are happy to announce that we now represent Dr. Z in the Eastern United States! Since 1988 owner and founder, Michael Zaite has been building top of the line hand wired amps. These days near Cleveland, Ohio he and his staff build around 2,000 amp each year. Dr. Z Amps are no stranger to some of the biggest and most well known artists like Brad Paisley, Joe Walsh and a whole slew of other amazing artists.

If you would like to become a dealer of one of the leading boutique amp brands in the world we would be happy to help!

Take a look at all of Dr. Z Amps products here

Brandon Carswell | Elevation Boutiques | Nashville, TN |

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