Date: 28/05/2023
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New from Fairfiled Circuitry - Modele B

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The newest Pedal from Fairfield Circuitry! The Modele B! If you love the Barbershop OD so much that it is always on then why do you even need a switch or additional real estate on your board? Pick up the Modele B from Fairfield Circuitry save space by sneaking this little guy in. 

For everyone out there who never turns off their Barbershop, this is for you. The same circuit in a tiny box, no bypass switch, no light. You can select between two tone options via a jumper inside the pedal:

  • flat and wide, like the original Barbershop, like the middle tone position of the Millenium Edition
  • light, high frequency cut, like the right tone position of the Millenium Edition

Always on, never off, this is serious.

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