Furry Burrito

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Introducing the FURRY BURRITO. A versatile overdrive/fuzz pedal. Ranging from a nice, warm overdrive to a saturated fuzz/gain that produces 'Big-Muff' like sustain  coupled with a voltage trim knob to add signal break-up. Rounding out the configuration, are a fat switch for bass, and filter knob to adjust treble.

Filter - Adjusts from low and flat to sharp and bright.
GainA saturated fuzz that also achieves a 'Muff'-like sustain.
DriveAn nice clipping overdrive, that adds a nice texture when combined with the Gain.
Clear Trim KnobAdds to the signal breakup by starving the circuit, while inducing feedback and some oscillation when holding notes for an extended period.
Fat SwitchAdds thicker bottom end.
VolumeTotal output volume.
Power9v Battery or 2.1mm negative center 9vdc adapter.
Current Draw - Approx. 18 mA
Aluminum EnclosurePowdercoated and UV printed.

$165 US (Plus Shipping)

All pedals are hand-wired in the USA.

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