Paper In Oil (PIO) Tone Capacitor

Emerson Custom Paper In Oil (PIO) Tone Capacitor

- High Quality Tone Capacitor, made with premium materials for a great warm full spectrum tone.

The Smaller the Value of the capacitor, the less highs it will roll off to ground when you fully roll down your tone pot... ie, a 0.015uf cap fully rolled back will be less dark than a 0.047uf cap. All of these values suggestions are just that... suggestions. If you have a really bright guitar we would recommend a 0.047uf.

-Available in these values:
0.015uf (Recommended for use with Humbuckers) //
[Neck Position]


0.022uf (Recommended for use with Humbuckers)
[Bridge Position]


0.033uf (Recommended for use with Humbuckers & Single Coils)
[HYRBID. Works Very well for the Neck &/or Bridge Position]


0.047uf (Recommended for use with Single Coils)


0.1uf (Recommended for use with Bass Guitar & to also help tame an overly bright single coil guitar)

Sold Individually. (1 each = 1 Capacitor)

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