Sound Shank

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This device is limited to 350 and sold exclusively through Prymaxe Vintage, order here!

The Sound Shank is back for a limited edition run! The Sound Shank is an aggressive germanium fuzz device based on the vintage "Buzzaround fuzz device. Loads of gain textures on tap through the use of the Sustain control, from subtle grit with loose ends through a tight and focused crunch. The Timbre takes it from paper thin AM radio waves through big, bottom heavy grind and the level shoots it all through your amp with more than enough to spare. This version of the Sound Shank differs from the earlier units. It has been updated for a wider gain range, negative ground for the use of a standard power supply and top mounted jacks. The Sound Shank is true bypass, all discrete analog circuitry and handmade one and a time in buzzy Akron, Ohio. Each Sound Shank is dated and numbered and come with a hand signed certificate of authenticity.

Earthquaker Devices Sound Shank Fuzz Features:

¢ All discrete analog circuitry

¢ Aggressive germanium fuzz device

¢ True bypass

¢ Each Sound Shank is dated and numbered and come with a hand signed certificate of authenticity

4 5/8³ x 2 1/2³ x 2³ with knobs

A standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel or a 9v battery.


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