Grand Orbiter

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The Grand Orbiter has four stages of vintage OTA based phased shifting. Two LFO speeds that can go from painfully slow to blazing fast. Dry kill switch to get vibe/vibrato effect, depending on where the controls are set. Rate controls the speed of the LFO, extremely wide range in conjunction with the two mode switch. Depth controls the amount of phase shift mixed with the dry signal (not how the LFO shifts the filters) so you can get very subtle pseudo 2 stage through full on. Sweep controls the frequency range and resonance controls the regeneration which makes the effect more or less intense. The sweep and resonance have a large range and you can dial in classic subtle tones through over the top phasing.

Pictured above is the same great sound, smaller footprint, more features and better looks! We took the same Grand Orbiter than you know and love, shrunk it down, added an extra LED which shows the rate (even when in bypass) and added an LFO kill feature that allows you to use the Grand Orbiter as a fixed filter. We then went the extra mile by updating the graphics and giving it a sparkly paint job, Lucky You!

Any standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel.


Depth: Controls the amount of phase effect mixed with dry signal. When
"dry switch is in the off position, this should remain at max.
Rate: Controls the speed of the LFO
Sweep: Controls the Frequency range
Resonance: Controls the regeneration of the phasing.
Rate 1+2: Changes the range of the speed control. 1 is slower, 2 is faster.
Dry: Cuts the dry signal to create a vibe/vibrato effect depending on the setting of the other controls. Vibrato is created by turning the rrsonance down low.

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