Dirt Transmitter

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The Dirt Transmitter is a silicon fuzz tone that delivers some true versatility. This fuzz device has a bias control which controls the voltage being sent to the transistors. This allows for everything from gated, 60's fuzz tones to a heavy fuzz snarl with a simple twist of the dial. On top of all that, the Dirt Transmitter has loads of output, a powerful tone control, very low noise floor and works equally well with all pickup styles! Read the Delicious Audio Review

4.7³ x 3.7³ x 1.18³


Fuzz: Clockwise for heavier tones, counterclockwise for lighter tones.

Tone: Clockwise for a brighter, more cutting tone, counterclockwise to roll off top end for more mellow tones.

Bias: This is the heart of the Dirt Transmitter, where all of its voices can be found. It affects the voltage to the transistors which will create more gated velcro fuzz tones counter clockwise and thicker, natural fuzz tones clockwise. It is "properly biased around 2 O'clock.

Level: Clockwise for more, counterclockwise for less.

Power by 9v Battery or any standard 9 volt DC power supply with a negative center 2.1mm barrel.

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